Island Blues

I’m longing for a familiar face

It’s often just a nostalgic place

I can’t see anything but you

Your piercing eyes and wild hair

The echoes of our gasps for air

That nauseating feeling consuming the room

Knowing the memory will soon remind me of doom

We’ll never be reasonable with our wants and dares

Unattainable, illogical, with animal-like behaviors

It’s always

“This is the last time, I swear”

It’s hard to get a point across

When in your own head you’re lost

Deep down I know you’ll leave

And I’ll keep reminding myself to breathe

Kisses of liquor

Island life in the winter

Makes me mentally sicker

Sand, sweat, and laughter

Bruised and naked

It’s always been me you have been after

Appreciating the beauty of the sunset

Knowing this is the best it is ever going to get

You’ll ask “Remember what you said to me?”

I’ll shake my head “no” cautiously

Words are only words

And my alter ego is a free bird

I say what I mean

Then forget and pretend it was only a dream

I’ll never be yours

You’ll never be mine

But you know how to control my mind

The beauty is you’ll flee

And I just want to be free

Forever singing

Please don’t forget me


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