fire and ice

he walks into the room
radiant energy consumes my being
the type of energy you feel
while you pretend you’re not looking
cool, calm, and collected yet a hungry stare
this type of company is incredibly rare
a human who proceeds with caution to protect his heart
who won’t ruin his status
for a false jump start
maturity and strength more present than impulsive energy
conversation and understanding lead to an undeniable synergy
an intellectual, passionate, self-caring man
how stupid I would be if I took it personal and ran
I must learn patience and to take my time
how fortunate am I
to have gotten closer to someone that can make me rhyme
we melt into his couch
all I can think about are his hands and mouth
we don’t touch
I say too much
I pull my coat hood over my head
as my cheeks turn rosy red
my lust is strong
when I do not see him
I long
I have never had to learn how to wait
all my past has lead to is fast-paced heartbreak
this is a lesson the universe wants me to learn
for once in my life I must relax and yearn
If only he knew that he is music to my ears
I admire his face
he’s had a few beers
I want to take as much time as this needs
to breathe
fire is necessary when it gets cold out
filled with doubt
the world
turned you cold
but in time you’ll see
the fire you seek is me
I have never felt more sure of letting it be
it’s his turn to throw the dice
fire and ice


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