I’ve Been Losing Sleep Tossing and Turning in Bed

My imagination lingers to thoughts of your beautiful, striking face
I am running a race
and feel as if I am in first place
but your silences have me second guessing
could this be love
or another lesson?
you consume me
I feel crazy
why can’t I get you off my mind?
is love truly this blind?
or are we lying to ourselves to maintain a balanced state of mind?
your smile lights up my day
I always have too much to say
In your company
I can’t shut up my stupid mouth
I leave your place consumed with doubt
I can’t stop drinking about you
because every time I try reality hits
as I imagine the taste of your lips
and the grip you could have on my hips
I care so much about you
so I ignore my thoughts
until It’s late and I connect the dots
every single night
i won’t say another word until you feel the timing is right
I want to love you
like no one has loved you before
nothing scares me anymore
but am I the one you truly adore?
or is this all in my head
I’ve been losing sleep tossing and turning in bed


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