the end

home base
a constant reminder
of the company
I used to keep
in this space
but you were so distant
it’s like you were never here at all
when asked how I moved forward so easily
I only have memories of being unhappy
I could see the end
I am not the type of woman to give up
I see potential and try to get you to bend
into a better version of yourself
overextending myself
I am too much you say
too passionate
too aware
too driven
yet too aloof
with an intense stare
you fled
just like the others I told you about
while we fought in bed
you’ll never stop missing me
you’ll hear the echoes of my voice in the wind
like the sound of waves from the sea
licking the shore
because in hopes for a brighter future
I tend to give my soul
which in time
becomes irreplaceable
my name will come to your lips
while you grab her hips
you have to love yourself first for who you are
before I could ever set the bar
I have nothing to hide anymore
the wrong type of love
teaches me how to soar
the sad part is several will read this
and think it is about them
but you’re just a part of my trend
I am completely content with not begging anyone to stay
that never wanted to be here in the first place


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