clean slate

I am not the type of girl
to expect flowers, balloons, or a public post
but I crave to know that I am the one
you adore most

you do not have to say the words
you do not have to try
your energy speaks so loud
I know that love
is you and I

that will always be enough for me
I wish you could see what I see
you bring me to my knees

I want all that is not mine
you know you are the only one
that can make me rhyme

you do not know how to love
yet you are an angel
sent from above

cannot help but wonder
how your tide
pulled me under

you once gave your soul
lost control
learned in the end
all those times you had to bend

only lead you to putting yourself back together
wondering why love never lasts forever

you are scared to open up again
you heart is fragile
let it mend

I wish you knew how much I relate
all I know is heartbreak
but what if we met with a clean slate?


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